Webhosting Features and Pricing

For Signup with our hosting services send an email to signup@expressin.net , your dedicated account representative will talk to you.

Here we are listing what we offer, feel free to reach us if you have any queries

All our environments use LAMP (Linux, Apache, Mysql, PHP) stack, currently we don’t offer Windows hosting.

Disk space
Disk space is the total amount of space that is used by all of the files/images/pages associated with your site, including log files and MySQL databases. Email is not counted in disk space as we encourage you to host it with Google Apps, It comes free and you will get plenty of other fabulous services directly from Google . You get email addresses like xyz@yourdomain.com despite of @gmail.com with the same and user friendly Gmail interface.. yes we also use it for expressin.net

Bandwidth (Traffic)
Bandwidth is the total amount of data transferred In and Out from the server and this number increases as your website is accessed more often. The more visitors you have, the greater the bandwidth . This figure is also influenced by the size and type of files visitors are requesting, ie. audio and video files need much more data transfer than text and images. Note: We allow video and audio files at certain limit ( Fair/Unlimited usage policy). We are not interested in hosting clones of YouTube or Flicker.

then what it mean by unlimited… unlimited means there is no need to worry about disk space or bandwidth usage if you get lots of traffic, but if your site use application which hog CPU/RAM or there are lots of I/O request then we will not allow you to do it. We won’t mind until your application is not affecting our server or other customers. In case of high usage we will not be able to continue with you, then you should opt for Dedicated or VPS hosting. Every shared hosting provider has this clause hidden but we are transparent.

Installation, Configuration and Upgrade of any of the one CMS (WordPress, bbpress, Drupal or Joomla ) for single domain only
The CMS ( content management System) is a kind of web software which makes your designing task easy, if you don’t want to get more technical then you can use ready made themes and layout. believe us it is as simple as operating email/facebook.

We support WordPress, Drupal, Joomla, Phpbb and bbpress as these are open source and reliable. We will take care of installation, configuration and upgrade of these software and all the other tasks like security and monitoring of your site. You just need to focus on content. Our email support is always there to help.

You can choose any one CMS as per your requirement or ask us which suits to you. We will install it on your domain but remember single domain only you can ask more by paying for them.

Ftp and Mysql Account.
This feature is for advanced users those want to place some other files also, we will provide one ftp and one mysql account without any extra cost.

Monthly backup
We take monthly backup of all your data, so that in case of disaster you have nothing to loose. You yourself can also take as frequent as you want.

Google apps
Google apps are Google hosted solution for email, calender and knowledge sharing sites and wikis. If you want then we can configure all these for you without any extra cost. You will get 50* personal email accounts like xyz@yourdomain.com and the interface will be similar like Gmail with plenty of other features. You will be abide by all Google Apps Terms and Policies.

We charge only 19 INR or 35 Cents a Day.
Which becomes 19*30*12 = 6840 INR a Year
Or 0.35*30*12 = $126 USD a Year

You are required to do Yearly payment [ There is no setup fee, this is the total cost inclusive of all tax ]. We provide 30 days money back guarantee ( we will deduct payment gateway charges in case of refund)

Domain Registration
There are no domains included in our plan, you can come up with your own registered domain or you can book one from our sister concern GotryWeb at very economic price. Domain registration is completely different from web hosting. They are two different functions and it will be billed separately.The domain registration charges is not refundable by any means.

All above things might be very much technical to you, Don’t worry …believe us we are very fair and Transparent…We love our customers 🙂 You would like to know what our existing customers says,

For Signup with our hosting services send an email to signup@expressin.net , your dedicated account representative will talk to you.

if you still have any queries please free to contact us here ..our team will guide you throughout