Google Knol to Self hosted WordPress or migration

This article is intended for less techie (technical) , new to WordPress and Existing Google Knol users.

Dear Knollers,

Yesterday Google announced that they are discontinuing knol along with some other Google services to stream line their offerings. That’s a good attempt and it was expected as Knol didn’t work as Google thought. But Google is very nice that they cared for Every knoller and allowed them to migrate existing knols to WordPress.

The awesome people at Google, Automattic,Solvitor LLC, and Crowd Favorite worked hard to make the migration process smoother. You can read the step by step guide to migrate your knols to

It’s pretty simple, but still we have so many writers/knolers those don’t know about WordPress and less technical to handle this stuff. So here we at decided to help each one of them. There are two places you can migrate your knol 1. and 2. Self hosted WordPress.

Those who don’t know about WordPress, In simple words.. WordPress is a web software .. when installed on websites it makes the web publishing/blogging/website very smooth and no technical knowledge required to

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handle it.. some what it is same like handling Gmail. If you can check/write/send emails from Gmail.. then once installed you can handle the WordPress the same way.

1. (it comes free and the migration is also automatic , you will get a website something like and you can continue writing there. but if you want something like then you need to pay extra fee. But the sad part as far as I know .. you will not be able to monetize your blog and migrated knol ( No Google Adsense or any other Advertisements)

2. Self hosted WordPress ( The software which run site comes free and any one can download and install it on their own website.. and have their own website same like .. but in this case you need to pay for the domain $11/year ( and Web hosting ( the webspace required to install WordPress) fee.. which

total comes around $55 . But by paying this $66.. you get total control of your site.. you can put advertisements/ads/ banners or anything.. and there is lot more freedom

So you have to make a choice that if you want something like or both have their pros and cons… but we are here to help you in both the cases at very affordable unbelievable price.. feel free to drop a email or any query at our email .. We will be happy to help you.. customers are our king.. and give them satisfactory service is our Goal.. Happy Blogging to

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all the knolers .. now turned to bloggers 🙂

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